Sasha Pieterse

Revelations Germany - Sasha Pieterse


Autograph: € 35,-

Photoshoot: € 50,-

Combo: € 75,-

Meet & Greet: € 150,-

Group Photoshoot: € 200,-

As our first Liar and third Starguest for Revelations Germany we are proud to present SASHA PIETERSE!


Sasha portrays the role of Alison DiLaurentis and later Rollins and has been on the show since the very beginning. She is also a successful entrepreneur with her Frozen Yogurt shop in L.A. aswell as her LifeStyle Blog "Sasha in good taste".


Sasha is the first Liar announced for Revelations EndgAme and we hope to be soon able to reveal which other Liar will join her as we can not wait to be finally able to openly tell you about it.


But for sure Sasha is thrilled to be in for the big FINALE of Revelations, her European Fans hold a special heart in her place.


Seeing her and Huw on and off camera is true fun. Also it will be Sasha's Birthday on Saturday and she has decided to spend it with us!


Sasha is a Special Guest


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